Home Renovation

by Experienced Fulham Builders

Experienced Fulham Builders: The Holistic Approach to House Renovation


We may not call ourselves interior designers but we have learnt from the best in the business.
So many DIY-ers do a pish-posh job out of their home refurbishment simply because of a patchy strategy and not seeing clearly their house interior as a whole.

We, at Experienced Fulham Builders, promote our integrated vision of taking each renovation project as a unique opportunity to bring together all key elements, light and colour, specific design features, like the room arrangement, and most importantly, the customer’s ideas and achieve an exclusive experience for our client.


We Do More Than Just Painting & Decorating


That’s right! We can make your kitchen furniture from scratch and fit it perfectly to your specifications. We’ve got the builders to partition that enormous and hard-to-heat living room and create a cosy dining space and a dream little home office for you.

We will renovate your bathroom in a way that having a candlelit bath will become a habit of yours.

So, leave the boring plastering, tiling and plumbing to our expert builders in Fulham. And just start planning your housewarming party for when we finish!

Renovated Kitchen

Not Convinced? More Reasons to Call Experienced Fulham Builders


  • Fitting wallpaper requires a meticulous attention to detail, which we always apply.
  • Finish plastering can be only mastered through having a long plastering experience, which you may not have.
  • Do you really want to spend all day calling different suppliers for your bathroom refurbishment when we can organise all the materials and bathroom fixtures for you?
  • We always see each house improvement or office renovation project as a new blank canvas to fill.

So, why not give us a call?